Executive Training

Specialised Training

We provide training packages on issues relating to Data Management and Governance, Risk Analytics and Reporting/Visualisation techniques.

Data Management & Governance

This program reveals how executives can use Data Management techniques to produce real business benefits, how Data Management best practices can improve information asset quality and the capability to integrate systems, enhance data analysis, ensure accurate, reliable and meaningful reporting, and avoid common errors that damage the usefulness of data assets.

The sessions cover five main topics, all critical to successful data management:

  • What are data management, data glossary, data lineage and why are they relevant?
  • Common issues such inaccurate reporting, fragmented information and data migration failures
  • Key principles for Data Governance
  • Data Modelling essentials
  • Key trends in Data Science and how these are influencing the future of Banking

Risk Analytics

This program provides executives with analytical frameworks, strategies and resources to better understand techniques used to measure, manage and monitor financial risks. It also provides training on how modern Data visualisation techniques create multi-faceted views of data and explore every dimension that make insights come alive.

This includes sessions on:

  • Financial Risk Modelling and Analysis
  • Model Validation and Testing Approaches
  • Risk KPI and performance measurement
  • Modern Data Visualisation Technique