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who we are

Who we are

We are a leading professional services firm dedicated to supporting Government and Financial Institutions in improving and excelling data management, business analytics and reporting.

Data Management

As the world rapidly evolves and technology advances, our mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions for your business needs.

IT Systems Implementation

We have the experience and the capabilities to support Government and Financial Institutions through the entire process of IT System Implementation.

Risk Reporting & Compliance

Our Reporting and Visualisation unit provides customisation and advisory on ways to visually explore all relevant data smartly, quickly. and easily.

What we do

We fully embrace Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and the innovation that is occurring in Big Data, see technology as a great enabler for driving business results.

Cloud Transition & Services

Nixora Teams have a wealth of knowledge and experience in large scale enterprise cloud system implementation and transition.

Analytics & Big Data Tech

We make use of sophisticated AI & ML technologies to enhance our customers’ ability to face any analytics challenge with innovative solutions.

Workflow & Process Automation

Business process automation, or digital transformation, is the technology-enabled automation of complex business processes

We deliver the right solution for your business


Leveraging the latest technology offering, coupled with best practices and industry experience, we deliver business expansion to our partners and improved performance to our clients.

Adrian Betts
Head of Risk Systems, ANZ Banking Group

"Nixora has supported ANZ for the configuration of the Moody’s Analytics Risk AuthorityTM platform, and the design and build of customised components that interact with the core product using the RiskAuthorityTM interface. We value the partnership we have with Nixora Group and the knowledge of Risk AuthorityTM combined with the teams credit risk expertise has been instrumental in helping us achieve our regulatory and internal riskmanagement objectives."

Peter Tierney
Chief Customer Success Officer

AxiomSL provides risk and reporting solutions to the largest of banks and financial institutions. A successful implementation and integration of our solutions requires technical and business expertise that are not common in the marketplace. Nixora Group is a long-term implementation partner of AxiomSL, and together we are leaders in providing banks with end-to-end regulatory calculation and reporting solutions.

Kin Tat Joey Chan
Head Of Partnership –APAC

“Nixora has partnered with Moody’s Analytics since 2016. The company has supported our clients in the configuration of our loan origination, capital measurement, regulatory reporting and ALM solutions. Our partnership with the Nixora Group has contributed to our success in Australia and New Zealand and we look forward to broadening our partnership with Nixora in the longer term.”

how do we do it

We are creative problem solvers, the ideal partner to turn unruly data into insight for better, faster decision making. Our software partners are the category leaders and together we are revolutionizing business analytics.


We help clients find ways to turn everyday information into actionable insights by embedding analytics across their organization’s strategy, operations, and systems.


We blend deep understanding of disruptive forces with industry experience to generate new ideas and products, new business models, and new relationships.


We help CFOs and other finance executives drive business performance and shareholder value while improving operational effectiveness and efficiency in the organization.

All Services

Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value. Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time sche.


Nixora Teams use Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to increase Credit Risk Models predictability in assessing potential risks analysing Big Datasets.

Cloud Architecture & Configuration

Cloud architecture defines the technology components that are combined to build a cloud, where resources are pooled through virtualization technology and shared across a network.

Cloud System Implementation

We move digital assets, data, workloads, IT resources, or applications to all major cloud infrastructure: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididuntalgen.

Cloud Transition

We have a deep understanding of what cloud migration entails, how it can benefit your business, and what is involved in making it happen, to help you decide on the best strategy to achieve a smooth transition to the cloud.

Compliance Reporting

We help clients take a disciplined approach to managing credit, market and operational risks through partnering with market leader organisations such Moody's Analytics and Axiom to implement and customise state-of-the-art risk and compliance IT systems.

Configuration and Customisation

Installation and configuration are steps that should always come first, before defining any processes or rushing to customize any module. In most cases some modules and functionality of the new system would already meet your company’s needs.

Data Governance

Data Governance is a system for defining who within an organization has authority and control over data assets and how those data assets may be used. It encompasses the people, processes, and technologies required to manage and protect data assets. It is a system of decision rights and accountabilities for information-related processes.

Data Integration Implementation

We combine data from different sources into a single, unified view. An integrated data solution makes it easy to keep information up to date.

Data Lineage

Data Lineage is the ability to accurately track and understand what happens to data as it passes through diverse processes from one end of an organisation to the other, from its origin to reporting. It is a crucial data management task for any organisation as it helps in understanding the relationships between data items across the enterprise and between individual lines of business.

Data Migration

Data migration is the process of moving data from one location to another, one format to another, or one application to another. Generally, this is the result of introducing a new system or location for the data, often moving from on-premises infrastructure and applications to cloud-based storage and applications to optimize or transform the organisation.

Data Quality & Integrity

Data Quality and Integrity powers organisations to make fast, confident decisions based on data that is trusted to have maximum accuracy, consistency, and context. whatever your data challenges are, Nixora can help at every step on the journey in building trust in your data with market-leading data quality systems.

Data Strategy & Architecture

Strategic Data Planning and Architecture Services provide complete frameworks for defining appropriate Data and Anaytics solutions including: Business Case Development, Data Warehouse Architecture, Business Intelligence Architecture and Integration of Data and Analytics methodology into existing framework, whether on Cloud, Hybrid or On-Premise.

Data Warehouse Optimization

We help you map key concepts to structure and qualify your data to optimize your databases for faster retrieval of data. Data Warehouse Optimization (DWO), it's a strategy for identifying the “right” workloads for your data warehouse. data warehouse optimization (DWO), it's a strategy for identifying the “right” workloads for your data warehouse.

End-Users Training

We provide training on best practices to improve information asset quality, enhance data analysis, ensure accurate, reliable and meaningful reporting.

Executive Training

We provide executives with strategies and resources to better understand techniques used to measure, manage and monitor financial risks.

Implementation Planning

During the Implementation Planning we break down the implementation process into smaller steps, while defining the timeline, the teams and the resources that will be needed for a successful implementation of IT Systems.

Internal Risk Analytics

Machine learning helps to strengthen accuracy around fraud, risk, and customer models. As a result, businesses can more quickly identify hidden risks and take timely and appropriate actions.

Language Intelligence Technology

Cognitive and Analytics platform based on Language Intelligence technologies such as Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Process Design

Process design is a technique that allows you to organize and run things more efficiently, no matter whether it’s a business, software or a team. Most of the commercially available software nowadays has been created using process design methods.

Process Mining

Process mining is a technique to analyze and monitor processes. Process mining uses existing data available in corporate information systems and automatically displays the real process.

Risk Advisory

Nixora Group can deploy teams of experts to advise businesses on Financial, Operational, Regulatory and Strategic Risks Assessment.

Risk Analytics

Nixora offers a comprehensive set of Analytic Capabilities coupled with extensive knowledge of Specialised Vendors Solutions.

Risk Modelling & Analysis

We use AI based simulation for modelling and analysis of business processes to reduce risk and increase the chance for success of business process re-engineering projects

Risk Platform Implementation

Nixora Group Teams can design, implement and deploy customised software solutions to identify and monitor risks across enterprises.

Risk Reporting

Nixora R&V help financial institutions gain new insights for improving services.

Risk Reporting System Implementation and Customisation

We can help Government and FI with Risk Reporting System Implementation, including Process Design- Solution Design - Configuration and Customization, System Integration - Testing and Training.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

As technological business solutions continue evolving and opening unlimited opportunities, with robotic process automation (RPA), Banks now rely on software robots to do the mundane work, increasing productivity and quality of services.

Solution Design

Once we have helped our customers to create the process design, it is time to work on the solution design, which is essentially a roadmap of business requirements and processes.

Specialised Training

We provide training packages on issues relating to Data Management and Governance, Risk Analytics and Reporting/Visualisation techniques.

System Integration

System Integration is a critical step within software implementation and it involves migrating data from one system to another. With proper integrations, you can save your team from having to copy data between systems manually.

Systems Implementation

Nixora Group’s resources have a deep knowledge of the best risk and data platforms and enterprise systems. We drill down into a full spectrum of risk management solutions across the enterprise.

Tech Specialist Support: Data Architecture & Data Engineering

A big data architecture is designed to handle the ingestion, processing, and analysis of data that is too large or complex for traditional database systems. Nixora technical specialists have the the capabilities to navigate you through data management and technical realms and open up a world of possibilities.

Testing & Training

There are four different types of testing: unit, project team, integration, and end-user testing. Each of them should be carried at different stages of the software implementation process to guarantee that everything works according to the plan.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation refers to the design, execution, and automation of processes based on workflow rules where human tasks, data or files are routed between people or systems based on pre-defined business rules

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